Creating sound effects
for video games, animation, film and commercial ads etc.

Work with a professional with years of experience in sound design.
My approach is simple: I treat each client and their needs individually and address their requirements with many resources at my disposal and superior equipment.

Offering a wide range of sound effects:
• impacts: crashes, explosions, falls, hits, breaks, drops, mass destruction
• beings/creatures: people, animals, monsters, ghosts, vampires, demons, zombies
• industrial: machines, engines, guns
• ambience: city atmospheres, offices, parks, forests, crowds, weather, seaside etc.
• sci-fi and magic

By providing these different sound effects, I make it my responsibility to create effective sound design projects for my clientele.

Additional skills include:
• reading and simple editing of computer source code (incorporating sounds into the    game's interactive environment)
• EAX set up

My work is my passion. Let me share it with you!