Piotr Niedzielski
Professional sound effect design from experienced sound designer that will make your game, animation, commercial or movie come to life.
Self-created full library of custom foley sound effects and collected a wide range of professional recording equipment.
Sounds for movies, games, presentations, ads including foleys, voiceovers, atmospheric ambients and abstract backgrounds.

Field of activity


As a sound designer I use top-notch software and equipment including Sound Devices, Neumann, Sennheiser, Waves etc.

I'm always ready to choose the most accurate way to create tailored sound binding - synthesis, own or commercial libraries and right sound recording equipment.

Sound effects

  • Impacts: crashes, explosions, falls, hits, breaks, drops, mass destruction
  • Beings/creatures: people, animals, monsters, ghosts, vampires, demons
  • Industrial: machines, engines, guns
  • Ambience: city atmospheres, offices, parks, forests, crowds, weather, seaside
  • Sci-fi and magic

Additional skills

  • Familiarity with game audio middleware (Wwise, FMOD)
  • Thorough understanding of sound design for interactive media
  • Experience as voice recording sessions director
"My approach is simple: I treat each client and their needs individually and address their requirements with many resources at my disposal and superior equipment. Come work with a professional with years of experience in sound design and let my skills design your sound effects!"

Piotr Niedzielski

sound designer


Central and Eastern European Game Awards Winner

Best Audio of the 2018
for the RUINER game

Digital Dragons 2018 Winner

Best Polish Game Soundtrack of 2017
for the RUINER game